Merging two flocks

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Merging two flocks

Postby John Bock » Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:23 am

We have the opportunity to buy 100 ewes now running with guard dogs. We could use the extra sheep and we were looking for a second dog anyway, we only have one with our flock currently, a spayed female about 6y.o. The question is how to bring on the new dog to minimize fighting when it gets here. When we brought on our dog we followed the forum's advice, put a stock trailer in the middle of the pasture with the sheep, and kept her in it for two weeks until she knew us and would come to us for food each day, worked very well but there was no other dog with the flock at the time. Shall I try the same thing with the new dog?

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Re: Merging two flocks

Postby denice » Thu Sep 20, 2012 5:38 pm

Most of the time dogs of opposite sexes get along much better than same sex. I would try to have the new ewes and new dog in a seperate pasture for a bit. This way they will both get to know each other slowly and figure out that they 'belong' there. I have not introduced two adult guardian dogs, I am sure others have. Bringing in pups have not been any problem

When I have introduced two flocks they tend to stay seperate for quite some time on their own.


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Re: Merging two flocks

Postby Janet McNally » Fri Sep 21, 2012 1:55 pm

when I bring a new/unfamiliar LGD onto the farm, I put it in a kennel where the other dogs can come up and meet the dog through the fence. Once everyone has been introduced through the fence, I will let the new dog out. Usually a week to 10 days is sufficient.

I personally would not be confident to just have the dog in a pasture, as all of my dogs can figure out how to get in and out of fences and would fight with the intruder. By putting the dog in a kennel, it stays safe while the other dogs figure out that it is an acceptable addition to the farm.

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