Montana-based shearer

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Montana-based shearer

Postby Linda Poole » Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:04 pm

Anyone looking for a quality shearer in or near Montana?

This is an unsolicited, unpaid, and unreserved recommendation for Ryan Keyes, of Livingston, Montana. Ryan sheared my rather eclectic flock (including Targhees, colored fine and medium wool handspinning sheep, some wrinkly merinos, and some very thick meat sheep) yesterday. I'm fussy in that I want my sheep handled gently yet with speed, please don't nick them, but minimize second cuts as well. It could be that I'm the type of shepherd that gives shearers nightmares :roll: .

Today I wandered happily through the grazing flock, admiring the excellent shearing no matter what the body or fleece type of the sheep. Ryan did an uncommonly good job, and so I thought I'd put in a word in case anyone might be looking for a skilled and thoroughly professional shearer in this part of the world.

Ryan can be reached at rkeyes97(at) and at 406.223.9700.

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