Wanted: North Country Cheviot or similar ewes

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Bill Fosher
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Wanted: North Country Cheviot or similar ewes

Postby Bill Fosher » Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:59 am

Thanks to OPP, I will be fully destocking the farm this fall, and will be looking for OPP negative or low-risk ewes with which to start over again. Given current prices, I will probably be looking to buy about 25 ewe lambs, or a comparable number of ewes.

I'm interested mainly in NCCs, but I would also consider consistent groups of similarly productive and hardy sheep of just about any breed. I do want to end up with a very consistent group of sheep.
Bill Fosher
Westmoreland, NH

Billy Foster
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Re: Wanted: North Country Cheviot or similar ewes

Postby Billy Foster » Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:34 am

If you want to look at what i have for ewe lambs this spring, you are very welcome too. They are NCC.

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