Dorset sheep for sale, Michigan

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Dorset sheep for sale, Michigan

Postby jpa » Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:15 pm

We have the following for sale:

- A one year old Registered Dorset ram out of the K Bar K ram we purchased in 2008.

- Five registerable February born Dorset ram lambs. Four of these ram lambs are out of the K bar K ram, with one being out of the Virginia Tech ram we
purchased last summer.

- We also have a small group of ewe lambs that are available. A few are registerable Dorsets and a few more are Dorset X Polypay cross.

The rams mentioned above are all twin born and raised with the excepetion of one who was born and raised a triplet.

We strive to produce True Dorset sheep. Dorsets who not only look like they did before genetics from other breeds were infused into the breed, but also perform like they were originally bred to perform.

We have been enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) for the past four years, and have been selecting replacements using objective performance data.

Our rams will produce lambs that will do well in both the feedlot as well as the pasture. The replacement ewes out of our rams will be moderate sized who will do well on a forage based system. We have never had foot rot on our farm.

You can learn more about our sheep at and feel free to respond to this post or PM me with questions. Thanks for your interest.


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