For sale: Commercial flocks in Utica area NY

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Peg Haese

For sale: Commercial flocks in Utica area NY

Postby Peg Haese » Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:00 am

(Gwen Cassel posted this on Sheep-L, however she is on the road right now and said it was okay for me to cross-post it here.)

The following sheep are available immediately:

Approximately 60 Finn/Dorset cross ewes, four to seven years old. These ewes have been high producers (twins/triplets/quads), and will lamb out of season.

24 commercial-style Dorset ewes, four years old. Good mothers producing twins, triplets, some fall lambers.

Approximately 50 East Friesian/Ile de France cross ewes, four years old. Strong, good milkers, twinning, excellent mothers.

10 two-year-old cross ewes.

16 fall born and spring born breeding ewe lambs.

Rams available: One 3-year-old Border Cheviot ram (registered); three two-year-old 3/4 Ile de France/1/4 East Friesian rams; one seven-year-old Dorset ram; one five-year-old Montadale ram.

There may also be approximately 100 meat lambs available, weights: 35 to 60 pounds.

We have been the farm managers at the Partridge Hill Farm, Barneveld, NY, bringing sheep onto the farm four years ago lambing in the winter, spring and fall. The owners are now selling the farm, the sheep (and us!). All sheep have been well cared for, rotationally grazed, vacc'd, dewormed, foot trimmed and are sheared at this time. We have already culled out any poor producers or those with bag concerns.

For more information contact Gwen at; or by cell phone: 315-534-1880

Gwen Cassel/Roy Baker, Farm Managers
Partridge Hill Farm
Barneveld (PO), NY

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