Production Dorset Rams and Ewes for sale

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Production Dorset Rams and Ewes for sale

Postby K Bar K Farm » Fri Jun 30, 2006 7:32 pm

Registered polled production-oriented Dorsets for sale.


1. Yearling rams
2. Fall 2005 ram lambs

1. Fall 2005 ewe lambs
2. February 2006 ewe lambs
3. May 2006 ewe lambs (available in fall 2006).


We produce a foundation-style Dorset bred to do what a Dorset should do.
The flock is raised on a pasture-based system and is expected to work for a living - we cull hard for production traits.

Our animals are moderately sized, easy-fleshing, heavily muscled animals
that raise twins unassisted nearly any time of the year whether shed or
pasture lambed.

Our hot house and market lambs routinely top the New Holland auction.

We are enrolled in the voluntary scrapie flock certification program.

We ultrasound loin eyes annually.

All rams are codon tested at Codon 171.

Lambplan EBV's available on all animals.

Additional information on our flock management can be found at

We are located in central Pennsylvania.

I can provide more detailed information on individual animals. Please
direct all inquiries to

K Bar K Farm
Ken, Kathy and Nathan Soder
Registered, Production-oriented Polled Dorset Sheep
Petersburg, PA USA

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