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In which users discuss matters pertaining to the management of the health, welfare, and productivity of their flocks. Nutrition, pasture management, health care protocols, feeding systems, and such are all on topic.
Bill Fosher
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Welcome! Please read before posting.

Postby Bill Fosher » Fri Mar 24, 2006 1:03 pm

Welcome to the Sheep Production Forum. This forum is provided as a place to people who are interested in sheep production as a serious pursuit. It doesn't matter if you have 10 ewes or 10,000. Remember that you are conversing with people who are not necessarily familiar with your production system, so it might be helpful to outline the type of sheep you have and how you run them in your posts.

There are plenty of other forums and listserves available to those who wish to discuss raising sheep for show. If that's your interest, please join one of them -- but feel free to discuss husbandry matters here.

There are very few rules here, but I expect strict adherence to the few that I'll set down. The prime directive is to be reasonably civil. That doesn't mean you can't be blunt, but name calling is out of bounds. I'll remove posts that cross the line, and warn users that have posted them.

The next most important rule is that you must not violate copyrights. That means no posting someone else's words, pictures, or thoughts -- with or without attribution -- unless you have their specific permission to do so. I will remove questionable posts and warn users that have posted them.

No cussin'.

Please keep posts relevant and try to put them in the right forum.

Lastly, this forum is only as good as its members and the thoughts they share on it. I don't want to be in the business of removing users, but I will if I need to. I'm not looking to be a censor, but I will remove posts if I feel it necessary. You can always try to change my mind, but in the end, it's my sandbox and my judgment rules.

There. Now that's out of the way, enjoy.

Bill Fosher
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Re: Welcome! Please read before posting.

Postby denice » Sun May 15, 2016 3:19 pm

I have left the above information since there is no reason to rewrite what has been in place since the start. I think we can agree it is all still pertinent.

If you tend to read this forum and not post this is your chance to make it a better place for all. I encourage you to participate and not simply remain in the background. If you have a question or topic someone else will benefit from your post.

To Register - at the top of the page you will find registration link. Follow those directions and I will activate new members asap. We will try this as it seems the simplest way to begin. If we run into problems we will let you know. If I can not tell by your name and email address your registration will not be activated - just a heads up.
My email is denice.r@lycos.com

*** I need to amend the process a bit. If you would register with the link and also send me an email with the same user name and email address listed to request registration that will enable me to activate without debating. I am getting about 50 'request' a day so hopefully this will help.


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