Lamb with bad rear pasterns

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Lamb with bad rear pasterns

Postby Rivenoak » Fri Feb 16, 2007 8:09 am

I have a story then a question. I have a black face ewe that was bred to a black face ram (RR/NN) that had a single ram lamb. I assisted the birth of the lamb due to it being breech. Not really a problem and the lamb was super agressive in trying to nurse and get up. But there was a problem. The lambs rear pasterns were rolled over, so instead of walking or standing on his hooves, he tried to stand and walk on the front side of his rear paterns.

I did splint them as straight as I could to force him to stand and walk on his hooves but the lamb struggled to get up and then stand. I was able to keep him alive for a week by milking the ewe and bottle feeding the lamb, but last night he struggled to stand enough that I guess that he made himself too weak to stand and died.

Is this a genetic problem with the pasterns? When assisting with the delivery I did not pull on the pasterns to get him out and as I stated earlier it was a fairly easy delivery for a breech lamb, so no trauma at that point.

Since the ram is negative for the Spider gene, that is not the issue.

I am just wanting to know why this lamb was born this way.


Russ Johnson
Wooster, OH

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