Adjoining sheperd has added LGDs

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Adjoining sheperd has added LGDs

Postby Comebyeranch » Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:44 am

Our neighbor (good relationship) with sheep and adjoining pasture has added two young LGDs. We have two established LGDs with our flock in the adjoining pasture. They have discovered each other and there is a bit of fence fighting or at least verbal disturbance (by the time I get there all is quiet).

Would you recommend any action from the humans to either introduce the dogs, let them work it out from the two sides of the fence, other?

The fence is fair. Probably not dog-proof - 2000 feet.

Bill and Susan
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Janet McNally
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Postby Janet McNally » Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:05 pm

I am going to guess that as long as your sheep stay on your side of the fence, and your neighbor's sheep stay on your neighbor's side of the fence, then the most that will happen is that the dogs will exchange obscenities from time to time, but that will be about it.

I have found that the LGD is very respectful of territory, and as long as there is not confusion about who's turf is where, they will avoid a battle.

BUT if there is every a mix up because some sheep get through the fence (the sheep do not read the LGD code of ethics), then you will probably have a fight on your hands. If that happens do not try to separate them with anything but water or else you will risk getting bit or risk making the fight even worse. A bucket of water right in the face is the best way to get them apart.

Janet McNally
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Postby Pam Wolf » Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:56 am

If the dogs get together, there may not be a fight. It is not unusual for fence fighting dogs to get along when there is no fence between them. OTOH they could fight. Keep the sheep on their respective sides and accept the obscenities (I like that description!).

If it does become a problem, you might try some elec wires placed off the fence at various heights-nose level and on top. Might not stop the fighting, but often the dogs prefer fence fightign close to the fence. Depending on the type of woven wire, there could be a problem with a dog having it's head pulled through the fence. I've seen my LGD's do this with a neighbor's dog (they never kept their dogs up,coyote crosses on top of it, and the dogs were on our property). They would wait off the fence til the dog stuck it's head through then grab it and hold on while the other LGD's went after it. The neighbor's dogs never did learn.

My LGD's will occassionaly fence fight with my horses-I have one horse that grew up with a collie breeder and he loves to fence fight with dogs. I just tell the LGD's to knock it off when I catch them.


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