shelter in the field?

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shelter in the field?

Postby John Bock » Fri May 11, 2012 1:15 pm

How many of you find it important to provide shelter in the field for your dog? We had a thunderstorm blow through last night and this morning my perfect LGD who never leaves the sheep was on my front porch. When she came on the place I had her in the field in a crate in a stock trailer with the door open, and I remember one rainy morning finding her in the crate instead of out with the flock. Since I move the flock to a new paddock frequently, having to provide moveable shelter will be an extra hassle but it can be done.

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Re: shelter in the field?

Postby lovetree » Fri May 11, 2012 4:31 pm

Hi John,
My LGDs love to use a big old brush pile, if that isnt available an old haywagon works great because you can roll it into the different paddocks and the dog can eat on top of it away from the sheep or sleep under it. We also use pick up toppers, old barrels, or in a pinch when short on a portable shelter we have been known to park the old pickup truck in the paddock, I know.... pretty redneck;-)
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Re: shelter in the field?

Postby Janet McNally » Fri May 11, 2012 9:21 pm

We have so much natural shelter here it is hard to answer from my own experience. I do have dog houses in most pastures here at home just to keep the AR people happy, and the dogs never use them. Quite probably it was the thunder that sent the dog to your back porch...many of these LGDs are not very fond of loud noises. So shelter might not have helped there. Very few of my dogs ever seek shelter from rain (the one or two that do, go under my stock trailer). From the perspective of dog health, probably the most important consideration is that your dog be able to stay cool in the summer heat. I find water is the most beneficial way to cool a dog. I make sure my pups know they can cool off in the stock tank. Shade is also very beneficial. Most of my dogs just hop out over the fence to find some shade, but if your dog cannot do this, you need to be sure it is provided within the paddock.

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