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Glock...the LGD

Postby DeltaBluez Tess » Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:54 pm

I got Glock in March of this year with my white Dorper from Paul and Kathy Lewis. We lost the ram to a cougar but Glock and Kodi did their best . He and Kodi, the older LGD were in the other pasture and raised a ruckus in the night, I went out and the ram was killed and they went after the LGD. We only lost three lambs prior and then the ram to the cougar. We are bummed about the ram as he was going to provide new genetic to the flock We also needed a LGD replacement. Kodi is old and can hardly move but Glock is taking over his reins.

Since the lion kill, the cougar has wisely decided not to come back. He does wander up to the fence in hopes of another meal, the LGD will go full blast at the fence and he moves on. He has decided that my neighbor's sheep are easier (no protection) and he has lost 15 ewes and only has 38 left. The coyotes have been busy this year as well so b/w the cougar and coyotes, my neighbor has lot a lot.

My lamb kills were in the corral by the barn where the cougar hopped in, made off with the lamb and covered the remains with bush. Or on one case, he dropped the lamb as he jumped back out in the wrong pasture and the LGD were after him.

I've been looking for a replacement for Kodi for the last four year with no success. The last two didn't work had no interest in sheep and the other liked to wander down the highway and protect the flock when at home. Neither had any human contact as a pup and would jump the fence to get away if you went in the pasture. Getting a call from the neighbors on a weekly basis on the loose LGD was not feasible.

Paul and Kathy had put some time on Glock, enough so he would let you pet or feed him but not enough so he would leave the flock. He was delivered in the middle of lambing and quickly hung out with the ewes and lambs...a couple of times he tried to chase the lamb but the old ewes should him the error of his ways. He was a fat while ball of fuzzy fur!

He stays with his flock, sleeps with them and they accept him. He is alert to any changes and is very loyal to his sheep. I put the horses back in the pasture, he chased them off from his sheep and once they gave him his space, he slowly let them back in. He meant serious business and was not going to let them mingle until he was satisfied. These horses have been with the sheep and him but I took them out for two months.

He barks as needed so when he does, I go to see what is up. If it is a visitor, I tell him ok and then he quits. If it is a stray dog along the fence, his teeth are bared and he is runs along the fence to scare them off. I had to put a drag on him as he would jump the fence and chase them down the road for a few blocks so now he stays inside.

It’s good to have Glock to be able to fill in Kodi’s paws as we don’t think Kodi will make it this winter as he is eleven years old. Kodi has taught Glock well and we have a good feeling about his legacy.

Having a good LGD is good but having a great LGD is a wonderful feeling. Thanks to Paul and Kathy Lewis for Glock. Lana had emailed me and said a sale had fallen through and they had a pup left. It was thoughtful of Lana to let me know about Glock.

Oh and Glock has decided he will come up when I call him….that is, when I have a piece of chicken jerky…..I pet him, then treat him and once the food is gone, he goes back to his sheep. He is a good dog and we can rest at night, knowing our flock is now going to be safe and Kodi can sleep in the barn while his new charge takes guard on the knoll.
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