Confining a LGD

Discussion of the training, use, and management of guard dogs, guard llamas, guard donkeys, guard goldfish, etc.
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Re: Confining a LGD

Postby MonsterMalak » Tue Jul 05, 2011 11:05 am

It has been my experience that the LGD's are as variable as people. Just as in most of my Kangals are very bonded to the property, ocassionally an individual wants to roam around. I do not mind it if they are chasing the coyotes off, but I want them to return promptly.

And with one starting this, others can get sucked into this bad behavior. Just like people I guess,,,,haha.

When I ran Pyrenees for 16+ years, the wondering was more of a problem. The Kangals have been great, except for an individual or two. The Boz have been mixed, with two being perfect, and with one male constantly roaming. He always comes home, and seems to only go out about 1/2 a mile or so. I think with their perimeter defense type of predator control, this might be normal. Checking out the boundries.

The suggestion of chaining for a bonding period has worked wonders for me. With sometimes being almost funny in that after released, for months spending 80% of their time in the area as if chained.

Good luck everyone,

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Re: Confining a LGD

Postby lovetree » Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:58 am

Dont expect the dog to be "bonded " to chickens', as in living directly with them. The dog cant sleep without being pecked at by the buggers and since LGDs do most of their work at night, they like to catch a few zzzs during the day WITHOUT worrying about keeping their eyeballs intact ;-)
BUT...that does not mean they arent guarding the chickens, they just dont want to be in with the chickens, and besides, the chickens are simply boring to LGDs.
You started off with quite a few pups, which I wouldnt recommend for a novice LGD owner, I like to see more of an age span between pups so they are going through different "puppy" stages at different times. Anyhow.....depending on the personality and temperament of your dogs, some will take the perimeter to guard, and some will prefer the interior to guard, it also depends on where the wind was coming from and where the perceived danger may be lurking. There are many factors that will influence why your dogs are where they are from wind direction,terrain, predator pressure, weather, and social dynamics etc. Nothing is cut and dry with LGDs.
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