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Instructions to register

Postby denice » Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:40 am

Seems there is ongoing confusion about how to register - Hope this makes it CLEAR

You do not have to register to read this forum, you must register in order to post. Hopefully you will participate and add to the wealth of information here. YOUR questions add to the success of the forum

Here it is - Follow the instructions and 'to register' link that will ask you to choose a User Name and Password. This is Step 1 which will not do any good without STEP 2

Step 2 Email me at the same day you register to let me know you Just registered for the forum, INCLUDE your User Name and password THEN I will APPROVE your registration.

Then read the post -' Read before posting' so you are clear on how the forum has operated since it was started

Each day there are HUNDREDS of fake registrations that come through so I simply delete every one unless I get an email to indicate you are a Real Person. I know it is an extra step but it will just take a minute. If you have problems after 72 hours not being able to post let me know.



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