working sheep well in under 2 months

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working sheep well in under 2 months

Postby denice » Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:50 am

Mae quickly figured out sheep. Actually I am sure she knew sheep at least on an instinctual level prior to mid Oct just had not had the opportunity to show it. She is a happy girl, just wants sheep time and attention.

Her outrun is developing, she goes equally well to both sides, has a good stop now. Her recall is continually improving. She has worked lambs in the round pen, 15 lambs in the small pasture and off a 4 wheeler. She is the type that you can get chores done while you are training because she has such a good attitude and is very willing. I asked her to drive a bit for the first time, she seemed to pick that up as easily as everything else.
She will make someone a nice partner for chore work. I have handed her to three different people and she willingly works for everyone.
We will continue working this winter as the weather and my knee allow. If you are interested in her I am ready for her to find her forever home where she can assist with chores getting the work and the attention she craves.

Here is a video from a couple weeks ago

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Re: working sheep well in under 2 months

Postby high plainsman » Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:16 am

I watched your video: very impressive.

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