Jack Knox Stockdog Clinic

For discussion of the training and use of sheepdogs on the farm or ranch. Please try to avoid discussion of training for trials or other competition; there are plenty of other groups for that purpose.
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Jack Knox Stockdog Clinic

Postby denice » Tue Nov 22, 2016 5:18 am

Thought I would invite you all to come join us This weekend at my place in southeastern Indiana. We are going to spend Saturday and Sunday enjoying our dogs, learning from Jack and becoming better stock'men' :P

We have several dogs coming - from pups under a year to the tried and true adult dogs. Aussies and Border Collie will be here. We have a good mix of handlers - half are livestock producers and half are hobby/trial participants just getting started. Many a Border Collie is responsible for causing an addiction and making someone passionate to move to the country and get sheep.

No matter what you are looking to learn Jack has been working dogs for 60 years, learning how to communicate with and read the dogs that enables him to make significant advances in a short amount of time. Just sitting talking with Jack is a great experience. If you want input on your flock he has raised sheep from Scotland to across the eastern half of the US and worked as a buyer for year. The man knows his sheep. He brings a very practical approach to both dogs and sheep that is very refreshing.
My phone number is on my web site call if you are interested.

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