regrouping rams after breeding season

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regrouping rams after breeding season

Postby high plainsman » Tue Dec 20, 2016 2:38 pm

I want to share a tip I got from Linda Poole when regrouping rams after breeding season to keep them from potentially hurting each other. She suggested I put them in a small pen and put old tires on the ground and smear Vicks Vapor Rub on their nose and under-carriage.

I put my three rams in a pen that measured about 12 x 20 feet and put two old rear tractor tires and two implement tires. I should have used a couple more tires, but never the less, although there was some pushing, shoving and head butting, they were never able to get up full head of steam to really hurt another. After about one day they had their differences worked out and all was calm.

Hats off to Linda for such an easy and practical solution.

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Re: regrouping rams after breeding season

Postby OogieM » Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:20 am

Another reasonable solution is to get the cheapest musk based men's cologne you can find and spray the tops of their heads, their hindquarters and their bellies. When I've not gotten any cologne before rams have to come out I also will open them up into a huge, several acre area and that also works.

Most recently though we take the 2 primary breeding rams and put them in the pen with the ram lambs from this year. The 2 big boys like lording it over the little ones so they rarely fight each other.

When I have my secondary rams come out and have to integrate 2 more how I handle it depends on who the secondaries were. If they were dominant boys in the group or at least above the 2 primary rams in the pecking order then they just join the little boy group. If they were subordinate rams though I do the put them back into the big ram bunch and open up the gates so they have several acres to roam in for about 2 weeks.

I generally keep between 20-25 rams on the place but only use via live cover 4 a year so I get a lot of practice handling lots of intact adult male sheep.
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