Scales: Hanging vs Digital and Platforms vs. Load Bars

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Scales: Hanging vs Digital and Platforms vs. Load Bars

Postby sdbailly » Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:33 pm

I just looked through some old threads on scales, and I'm wondering if anyone who has posted on scales before and/or has been using a digital scale might have some updated information on which models and styles work well for the money.

From looking through the previous threads, it seems that hanging scales are economical but can be a pain to work with (i.e. getting lambs to stay still to read weights). There are a good deal of digital scales out there in various price ranges. I'd like to get a "cheaper" one, but I know I need to spend a little more than the cheapest out there. What digital models are some of you using? Are there any that I should totally avoid?

Also, has anyone messed with load bars and a homemade platform? We have a chute with a guillotine gate that we could modify to include a "weigh box" or something along those lines.

Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Sarah Bailly
South Louisiana

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