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Island Shepherd
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Postby Island Shepherd » Thu Aug 16, 2007 4:38 pm

Yeah Lana no I meant graze it but take the hay/silage off before or after (during the spring lush) the sheep to maintain pasture quality. I'm with you that the longest grazing season, and the least amount of stored feed is the best way to go. Oregon is such a beautiful state, you are living the ranch life, and with the all girl hay crew, and little buckaroo there you can't go wrong either way.


Lana Rowley
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Postby Lana Rowley » Thu Aug 16, 2007 5:02 pm

Dave, that makes good sense and I had not thought in those terms for that particular pasture. We did get a subscription to the SGF and I am all set for management intensive rotational grazing with electric net. The man we bought the place from has been very kind, and patient in teaching us about how to farm in this area. There is one pretty good sized sheep man right up the road with Polypay sheep. I have not met him yet, but I understand he is a character so I look forward to it.

I do feel blessed far beyond my worth for the chance to raise our kids in this area. I am sure you feel the same about your majestic part of the country, and the picture of your lovely daughter suggests the farm life is good for those kids :lol:


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