Looking for a great grazing conference?

List sheep, farm, and agricultural business events here. Not for events that are primarily show-ring events.
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Looking for a great grazing conference?

Postby Janet McNally » Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:25 pm

I recommend this one: http://www.grassfedexchange.com

This is the most professionally oriented grazing conference I've attended. By that I mean this group is not just about grazing but is very business oriented as well. The conference was started by a group of cattle buyers who were needing to supply their growing market for grassfed beef, and realized they needed to educate producers how to turn out a quality grassfed animal. Yet one of the larger emphasis of this group is how to build and improve soils. This year's conference is in Michigan. Although the conference is mostly oriented to beef cattle, it is well attended by sheep producers as well, and the principles apply to all.

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